Schultz Building Inc. Minocqua, WI - Builders of distinctive northwoods Wisconsin home since 1978

Schultz Building Inc. Minocqua, WI - Builders of distinctive northwoods Wisconsin home since 1978

Three Phase Building Approach for commercial, residential and remodeling projects
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Schultz Building's Three-Phase Building Approach—Our Guide to Your Success!

Three phase building approachOur building process uses a Three-Phase approach to ensure your project is completed within budget and meets or exceeds expectations.

bulletPhase One - Project Planning

  • Initial introduction
  • Discuss customers project - style of home to be built
  • Discuss preliminary layout - the needs and requirements
  • Discuss materials to be used, siding, flooring, wall coverings, etc.
  • Discuss owners estimated budget for the project
  • Visit the physical site for the home.
  • Review survey of property
  • Generate preliminary plans for the home
  • Complete preliminary cost estimate for the project
  • Review plans for the project with the owner
  • Review preliminary cost estimate for the project
  • Make changes to the plans requested by the owner
  • Complete plans for the home
  • Customer begins material selection process

bulletPhase Two - Project Development

  • Meet to review owners material selections
  • Write specifications for the project
  • Send plans out for competitive bids by sub contractors
  • Estimate all phases of rough and finish carpentry
  • Assemble bid summary for the project
  • Review bid summary with the customer
  • Make any changes requested by owner
  • Finalize estimate for the project

bulletPhase Three - Project Completion

  • Write construction agreement for the project
  • Meet with customer to review and sign construction agreement
  • Set schedule for the start and completion of the project
  • Start of construction
  • In progress inspections of project by owner
  • Required UDC inspections (Uniform Dwelling Code)
  • Inspections by Home Performance Evaluator.
  • Completion of construction
  • Final acceptance by Owner

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