Commercial Building

Commercial construction comes with specifications designed precisely for the intended usage, be it a dentist office or a car wash. Schultz Building has done both and many more, including retail space, doctor’s offices, auto parts warehouse, gas stations, remodeling of existing businesses…the list goes on. Over the years relationships have developed with quality subcontractors to handle and work with any desired construction material from stone block to designer stone and stucco. One customer wanted a metal building but not the run of the mill metal building. Schultz Building designed and constructed a custom metal building with wood constructed walls covered with metal sheeting, adding a shingled roof gave it the look the customer wanted. Whatever the need, whatever the style, whatever the specifications, Schultz Building can complete the project on time and in budget.

If a client chooses the Design-Bid-Build method we have the experience to manage and complete your project. With this method a customer is responsible for having their plans drawn up and then submits them to construction companies for bidding. Cost is the way of selecting a contractor for the build portion of their project. Our ability to provide quality work at a competitive price has been our commitment to customers for over 30 years.

With the use of the Design-Build process, we work with the architects, engineers, and designers to assist our clients to develop a project design based on the customer’s budget and needs. Once plans and specifications are written the build portion of the project can be completed. This method often shortens the completion time of a project and gives the customer a hands-on feel to their project.

Whatever the method, Schultz Building has the ability to competitively bid and guarantee the final price.

"At Schultz Building we believe the core of our character continues with the same strong principles on which this company was built, a commitment to quality and honesty. We understand that potential customers are making an investment in the company they choose to work with, and need to be comfortable with knowing exactly what they can expect. Today we are as dedicated as we were 30 years ago to truth and honesty in workmanship and pricing. This is our guarantee."

Commercial Building Projects