Design Build Process

Advantages of the Design/Build Process What Does it Mean for You?

Design / Build means a single source of project responsibility from the inception to the completion. We have developed the Design/Build process to give you peace of mind. Peace of mind that your project is headed in the right direction, under control, and that all of the bases are covered.

Design and Build Advantages

Single Source of Responsibility

Schultz Building takes responsibility for the design and construction of the project. Single source responsibility provides control of the design, budget and construction process from start to finish. This minimizes the risks to the customer that arise from omissions, errors and under estimating that occur when several contractors claim responsibility for different portions of the job

Budget Estimating

To eliminate surprises, the Design/Build process begins with budget estimating and continues throughout the design process. As work continues with our customer to create the perfect design, estimates will be updated as needed thereby allowing the customer to stay within their chosen budget.

The Team Approach

From the first meeting with a customer until the day the keys are handed over, the day of completion, every person that is involved with the project is a part of a team the enables Schultz Building to draw on many years of experience. This includes every area of construction thus providing expertise on decisions that affect design, performance and the all important…final cost.

Specifications of Materials

The Design / Build process reduces the need for change orders during the actual construction phase, limiting possible increases in the cost of a project. The customer will have complete understanding as to the cost of the project before it starts. 

The Design/Build process allows the customer to work with a designer to choose all the components of a finished home. This may include siding, garage doors, windows, floor coverings, wood choice, heating and air conditioning units, plumbing fixtures, all the things that make the home truly yours.