To construct something new is an accomplishment. It is a good feeling to drive through our small community and know that we constructed that home and that one too—knowing that today families live there warm and secure. However a special feeling of accomplishment comes when we complete a remodel.

Beginning a remodel is a time when we don’t know what lies underneath, who built it and what their construction method was. There is a level of experience that is necessary to correctly evaluate and modify an existing structure. Schultz Building has gained that experience by 30 years of remodeling existing homes, some built up to 100 years ago.

If a home owner chooses to live in their home during construction or elsewhere they need to be able to trust the contractor they are letting into their home. With our many remodeling projects over the years we have gained the trust and respect of our clients. We also know how to protect your home from construction dust and debris that is present during a remodel. A hidden cost is often post construction clean up. This clean up can vary from a simple dusting to the unthinkable, being required to have every item in your closet cleaned. Though it is impossible to contain all the dust from a remodeling project we have the experience to minimize the disturbance.

As a partner with the Wisconsin Energy Star Program we are committed to helping clients improve the performance of their homes. We do that by working with a certified energy consultant to evaluate your existing home. We can then recommend energy saving upgrades to your home that can be incorporated into your remodeling project.

There is a saying in the construction industry:

Anyone can build a new home but the nuts and bolts of experience come from remodeling a home.